Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloweenie Fun, Lawn Ornament Style

If you've lurked for a while, you know I have this thing about lawn ornaments. They're usually tacky and totally filled of awesome. Halloween is no exception to this, especially since in recent years, we have to outfit every marketable holiday with lawn stuff.

Words escape me on this demon clown lawn ornament. Really. I'm hoping you guys will do better.

I want you to either caption this picture or explain how it got on this lawn being ridden by an ass. Maybe a prize will be in order for the best*.

*Yes, I know I owe CDs. I've been having technology fails and will send them out shortly. I promise.
Last.fm hit of the day: Graveyard Tree III by Koffin Kats


  1. Can't caption. Too busy crying.

  2. LOL--this is weird! Looks like his ass wasn't funny enough!

  3. From Vicki (who will take Lush samples for a prize ;-):
    OK, we got the clown... we got the pinata... now where's the party?

  4. I'm fairly certain this a lawn ornament representation of an old fable in which the towns people, fed up with the troll who loves under the village bridge, decide to take action and revenge. Notice the chains? Notice the well worn but complacent mule? Yes... that must be it.


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