It's Candy Time!

Today's entry is brought to you by Miranda!

Last week I started asking everyone what their favorite Halloween candy is or was. And while I received few opinions, I was fairly surprised by the ones I did get! This surprise may be due to the fact that the responses were so in contrast to *my* favorite candy. I guess I was egotistical enough to assume that my favorite candy to get while Trick or Treating and the reasons why would be everyone else's favorite candy! How wrong I was.

An overwhelming majority of people have selected Chocolate and Peanut Butter candies as their favorites!! Reese's Pieces, Peanut Butter Cups, some unexplained chocolate peanut butter carmel concoction... these are the types of treats you all thought were the best and would be the most excited to get when going door to door dressed as goblins!

For me personally, my favorites come down to three fun sized bars-- Snickers, Milky Way, or Three Musketeers. When I was younger, there were no better candies to get in my pumpkin. I'm not even sure why. I guess they were just my favorite candy bars, so getting them in abundance on the most magical of nights was such an awesome thing!

One final idea brought to my attention was when a friend told me he liked getting Butterfingers. The reasoning behind this choice is that he liked to get candy that he wouldn't normally buy for himself. I'm assuming it was his way of trying new treats without the hassle of spending hard earned allowance money. And, as he put it, who actually buys Butterfingers on their own? Who does, indeed.

Trick or Treat, everyone!!