Zombie Thursday Double-shot: Chocolate

It came to my attention that it's National Chocolate Day. This is important because:
  1. I'm a girl.
  2. I write.
  3. I stress.

All three are important parts of a chocolate addiction.

But, Alicia, why are you telling me this?
Because now you can make your own zombie chocolate pops!

I know, not the most appealing thing in the world. The detail is pretty cool, but I'd be wary about eating gray chocolate too. Of course, that never stopped me as a kid from eating any colored chocolate I found in those sample buckets in the candy making aisle*.

One thing that's awesome about the zombie pop is the detail. The nose is missing. Besides, you know how I love the tack. This goes on the top of that list. Edible tack=awesomeness.

(By the way, this entry is done without the aid of caffeine so I apologize for all rambling.)

*a hem*

But what if I no longer eat chocolate because human tastes that much better?
You've recently turned into the living dead? First off, I'm sorry. Second off, this shouldn't be a problem. All you need to do is get chocolate in the shape of brains. 

Depending on where you go for your brains you can get different types of chocolate. I'd go for the dark since that's actually healthy and despite being a zombie, I'd still need to eat healthy.

* It was free and therefore didn't count toward my daily calorie intake. Of course, at 8 I didn't know shit about calories or fat kid logic.
Last.fm Hit of the Day: Funeral in Carpathia by Cradle of Filth