Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The 24 Hour Vacation

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's question: In Like Mandarin, the first line reads: "The winds of Washokey make people go crazy." Tell us about a time you did something completely crazy.

Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not the type of girl who goes all out and does something crazy. I like to be in control and know what's going to happen. Something about anxiety issues. With this in mind, it shouldn't come to a shock to The Lurkdom that any wild and crazy shenanigans are semi-thought out.

When I was still entrenched in my Aerosmith contract, I spent a lot of time watching Draw The Line, the Aerosmith tribute band that's actually endorsed by Aerosmith. I also spent a lot of money and time on Aerosmith, as you know.

What you probably don't know is that I've traveled to see both bands.

Miranda should've been at college orientation but was in NJ.
What you also don't know is that Miranda missed college orientation because of Aerosmith. We drove down to Delaware with Danielle so we could spend the weekend with my other bestie, Lisa. Then we all went to New Jersey where we almost got pummeled because the crowd on the lawn was that insane.

Since that Aerosmith show, I've been down the Land of Where? multiple times. Most were just to hang out, but a few were Aerosmith driven.

Like the one night stand.

Before you get all excited and think "ZOMG! Alicia's going to share that time she slutted out!" Let me assure you, I'm not.

The one night stand was a 24 hour period where I ended up in Pennsylvania with Lisa on the sole purpose to see Draw the Line. I flew a red eye into Philadelphia where Lisa picked me up and the next evening, she dropped me back off so I could get home. The trip was decided on about 5 days prior.

Not the night of our 1 nighter, but a fun time just the same.
Quick facts about Lisa: I met her through the Aerosmith fan club chat room in 1998. I met her live the first time in November 2000. Our nickname for each other is "Mom.*" She's much more a free spirit than I am, which is one the things I love about her.

We've been getting in trouble together ever since.

From Philadelphia, Lisa and I drove out to the Poconos to find this small bar in Pittston. We get lost. More than once. We ended up circling exits on the interstate about five times because we kept missing turns. When we finally found it, we had to hope back on the road to find our sketchy hotel.

I should also mention right now that I was lusting for the lead guitarist at the time. He was 22, smoking hot, and British**. I was also on wicked good terms with the drummer because we lived in the same town and because of that connection, learned way more about the inner workings of a tribute band than I should.

After hours of dancing and fighting off the way-too-drunk-to-lurch man, a group of us ended back at the band's hotel room where instead of the craziness you would think would happen, there was a lot of conversation. A fire almost started when the lead guitarist tossed a lit joint to another band member and he didn't notice.

This was my craziest moment. All told, it was great time with one of my bestest friends in the world and we still make reference to the drunk who obeyed my orders and Lisa's love of driving in circles.

What's the craziest thing you've done recently?

* She calls Hubby "Dad."
** This was the driving force behind most of my Draw the Line endeavors in 2001-2002ish.
_________ hit of the day: Dead Girls Don't Cry by Nekromantix


  1. I am a control freak and definitely have issues with anxiety too... seems like a common thing among writers.

    I've tried to see Aerosmith twice, and both times the concert was cancelled. Most recently when Steven Tyler danced/fell off that stage last summer, and I was one of the August dates that got cancelled. We had bought AWESOME seats, too. :(

  2. I did not know this (not so) secret Aerosmith-loving life you had! I absolutely love this. Spontaneous trips FTW!

  3. Everyone should have some band love and a bestie to do crazy things for and with!

  4. I'm not great about being that adventurous these days, I'm so boring! But when I was younger that was a different matter.

  5. LOL-love your slutted out term!Recently? Well, my husband and I, along with his best friend, decided to say screw it and go to Westchester, PA. The bars we saw on Jackass looked so awesome.

    Then Fate took over. My first and bestest writer friend was actually going to Westchester (she lives near Philli) for a writing festival. All completely by accident.

    So of course we had to meet! And we did and it was amazingly fun! Plus, the boys and I, totally got wasted on the cross streets of Gay and High--no joke! =D

  6. fun!
    I totally went through an Aerosmith phase. I would have given ANYTHING to be Alicia Silverstone in "Crazy". Maybe she was my Mandarin. I must ponder this...

  7. I love spontaneous 24-hour trips, although I've never made one. Maybe that'll be my next crazy thing!

  8. Wow. And you say you're not crazy??

  9. Wow. I didn't expect this many responses for some reason...

    Real fast, because as you know, work is constantly. kicking. my. ass.

    Abby - The 2nd picture on this post is from a canceled Aerosmith show. I know the disappointment on that front.

    Sarah - I was pretty much all-Aerosmith, all the time for several years. My nerdiest/geekiest moment does involve them.

    Sara - LOVE moments like that! Hubby and I joke about going to Westchester since so many musicians end up there because of the Bam connection.

    Kirsten - My Aerosmith phase was birthed off that album. (Not that song though. Can't stand the trilogy.)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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