Four For Friday

This is it, kids: the final weekend to play catch up on your NaNoWriMo word count. Even if you're wicked behind, it can be done*. Without any more bullshit, I present to you...

Four For Friday: Win NaNoWriMo Edition
  1. Word sprints. This may sound lame to some, or as Hubby calls it "extremely nerdy," but sprints are a great way to up your word count. By using a time or an online stopwatch, you can challenge yourself to beating your personal best in 15 and 30 minute writing sprints**.
  2. Writing Marathon. The Boston region already did their 24 hour traveling write in, but that doesn't mean you can't do your own. Load up on the caffeine and set up a good playlist and write until dawn breaks again.
  3. Alcohol. Not only can you become a raging jackass, you can push out that shitty draft in record time. Since boozing it up lowers your inhibitions, it also silences your internal editor***.
  4. Excessive and needless dialogue. There's nothing that fills up space more than dialogue, especially the kind we're not supposed to do. ("Hello, Mary." "Hello, Jim. How are the dogs?" "The dogs are fine, thank you. What about your wallabies?")

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't made it to 50K yet, try one of the above techniques. If you have won already, what are some tips and tricks to cram in that final word count?

* Not that I've done it myself. I like to front load my word count whenever possible.
** My personal best for the 15 minute sprint is 540 words.
*** That's because the internal editor is a closet drunk.
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