How Do You Find the Time?

More than once this year I've said, "There needs to be 4 more hours in the day." I think it's a valid statement.

Lately there isn't enough time to get everything done. The 9-5 job has priorities on top of priorities and even those shove out more priorities. When I'm not at work, I have to decide what to focus on: querying, editing, writing, reading, exercising, blah blah , bitch, whine, moan.

Basically, life has exploded. Predictably, like this:


I know I'm not the only one who has been feeling a push-back and I know there are people out in The Lurkdom who have a hell of a lot more on their plate than I do*. Not to mention, it's November, which usually signals the start of craziness for everyone on this side of the globe.

Because of this, I've been thinking a lot about time management, or more specifically, my lack of it. There should be a formula to help prioritize because that's harder to do than it looks. Our brains should be hard-wired with an automatic "no" response, when our plates our too full. And, of course, there should be 4 more hours in the day for sleep.

So Lurkdom, tell me...

How do you make time for everything you need to do?

* But it's my blog, so there.

_______ hit of the day: Darkness, Tell Me by Calabrese