Scary Generic Holiday Presents

Today was going to be about life after NaNoWriMo, but my attention span is short and this just couldn't wait. People are hip-deep into holiday shopping for family, friends, and the random client that spent a butt-load of cash with your company in the past year.

Shopping for the acquaintance/client is usually the hardest AND easiest person to shop for. If they're female, you'll no doubt go toward bath products, scented candles, or picture frames. If they're male, it usually involves liquor. Sometimes though, you want to break the mold and still look awesome. This is when the foodstuffs come into play (fruit baskets, cheese, chocolate covered pretzels are prime examples.)

Whatever you do, please don't gift this.
This frightening ensemble is from The Popcorn Factory's Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit. Fortunately, you're responsible for decorating your own balls so they might not look as horrifying as The Vampire Panda ball*.

The item description hints that these are for kids to decorate and that they would have fun. If Child-Alicia received this as a gift, first she would only see the balls as mom would have removed all the candy from sight. In the off chance Child-Alicia acquired the candy, her sugar high would be so intense it would have turned into a sugar coma.

What is the scariest generic present you've seen?

* Right in between The Too stoned Puppy and The Way Too Jolly Santa.
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