Friday, November 5, 2010

Some of the Best Bathroom Graffiti Around

Welcome to the weekend, Lurkdom. I'm busy--too busy to even blog properly.

Guess what that means?

Four For Friday: Bathroom Stall Edition*

Wednesday found me staring at some of the most entertaining bathroom graffiti I had seen in a while. This being the case, and because I love you all, I took pictures of my stall.

Very dramatic, indeed.

In green it reads "Voldemort has returned." The red PS reads "Pretty sure I'm an alcoholic."
What was the best bathroom graffiti or art you've seen (or done)?

* Not as awful as it sounds.
______ hit of the day: Bother by Stone Sour

1 comment:

  1. These are spectacular, Alicia!

    I wish we had bathroom graffiti like that out here. Alas, mostly teen love and crunchy platitudes. (Pretty much sums up much of Western Mass...)


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