Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishing to Bend Both Space *AND* Time...

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's question: You spot Santa at the mall, climb onto his lap, and whisper that you've been a good boy or girl in his ear. What do you want Santa to bring you this year? 

Santa and I have a sketchy history that started when I discovered my Lite Brite was from either a flea market or yard sale.With that non-repressible memory in mind, I don't trust any arrangement we would have.

That doesn't mean a girl can't have wishes, and believe you me, I gots them. If realism, money, and time weren't a factor, I'd ask Santa to bring me the following things:
  • A winning Powerball ticket with a large take. I don't want to go out and buy it, he should be able to get it for me. Since I don't have a stocking, he could place it in my sneaker, so I'd see it.
  • The ability to do the day job part-time. Because let's face it: I use this place to pay for bills, but I'm not a fan. If I could be here for only 20 hours a week, I could use those other 20 hours for me and the researching/editing/writing that I squeeze in at night.
  • The ability for my apartment to behave like the TARDIS. Between hubby's comics and graphic novels, my books, and our joint DVD collection, we really need something that's larger on the inside.
  • A new critique group. One where I'm not the youngest person and where everyone has the same goal of publication.
  • One month. One month where I don't need to see anyone, be responsible, or do anything  besides all things writing.
  • Non-weight gain inducing cupcakes. All flavors. All sizes. I want to be able to eat a cupcake and get all the nutritional benefits from, say, an apple.

If you could ask for anything this Christmas, what would it be?

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________ hit of the day: Take This Job And Shove It by Johnny Paycheck


  1. Ooh, you had some good ones--especially the one about the winning ticket. I'm feeling the urge to buy some lottery scratchers now. :)

  2. I love the lottery idea. ;D I wanna win! I need monies ;^;

    Also the cupcake thing.
    I propose everything unhealthy and everything healthy switch for a month or so.. Carrots = Cheetos.. etc.

    I would ask for my cat Midnight to not have anything wrong with her ever so she lives happy and healthy for a super long time. And possibly have some new feet.

    Also that I could lose like 50 lbs. I'm sure there are tons of starving people out there who could use some extra lbs...

    It'd be cool if I could just y'know. Have my degree, too. So I could start teaching now instead of in like.. a lot of years.

  3. Pam, if you win the jackpot, we should split it 80/20 because I gave you the idea. :)

    Lauren, Cheetos as Carrots = brilliant!

  4. That's a good list! I'll take a winning lotto ticket too, please! That kinda sucks about your crit group. Not everyone wants to get published? I have to admit, that's kinda confusing for me.

  5. Now I kind of want to ask for a Lite Brite, too.

  6. Cupcake Apple. YES. That's going on the list for sure.

    Also, ditto on the dayjob lamenting. WAAHHH.

  7. So now I want cupcakes. ;) Great list, Alicia. What goal does the rest of your critique group have (instead of being published, I mean)?

  8. I would ask Santa for a dozen cupcakes (half red velvet, half chocolate) and an iPad.

    I'm thinking I might get lucky on the cupcakes... and probably not the iPad.

  9. Excellent list... I'm liking anything thats a Tardis

  10. I find it bizarre that my crit group doesn't want to be published too, mostly because I'm confused why they'd want to be in one. I think they're only goal is for them to have something to do.

    RE: cupcakes. Wouldn't it be awesome if they could also be used as currency to get that ipad that Jennifer's asking for???

  11. If Santa gives you those cupcakes, ask him for the recipe, make some more yourself, sell them, and you'll have no need for the lottery ticket! ;)

  12. Have you tried any of the online critique groups? I met some wonderful publish-minded crit partners through Critique Circle.


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