The 99th Page

Finally, the day has arrived for the...

When reading this page and all the others, you should focus and answer the following three questions:

1. Would you turn to page 100?
2. Why or why not?
3. Based on what you read, how likely would you buy the book?

In true Page 99 test fashion, I'm giving you anything about the story except the genre. Oh and I'll give the title as well.

Phoenix Rising
Urban Fantasy

"Eating dinner." Walker tore into another portion. He felt barbecue sauce smear across his chin and with sick amusement bet it looked like blood.

"You should be out finding that girl." Walker could now hear the irritation in his voice. Good.

"The redhead? She's in my seminar."

"That's some of the best news of the day. Tell me: have you conversed with her yet?" Walker didn't answer; he was too busy worrying a stubborn piece of meat off the tendon. Ianos cuffed him off the back of the head. Walker let a small growl trickle out of his throat.

"Eating," he said.

"I asked a question. You'll answer it."

Walker took his time with the answer. He made it seem like he was trying to formulate or explain what he and Kyla had done. But in truth, he was just trying to finish the rib in his hand. "Her name's Kyla." He paused. "She's not the one you're looking for. She smells too new."

"She's the means to the end. It's one of the three she was with. Your job is to get to the other three. Have you met them yet?"


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