Friday, January 7, 2011

Four For Friday

We've survived the first week of 2011, Lurkdom. *throws confetti and high fives all around*

I'm slightly distractable today, not to mention that work has kicked my keister. That the 9-5 job has decided to do this on a Friday is awful because I can't keep my head on those projects when it's buzzing with these writing projects:

Four For Friday: Literary Irons in the Fire Edition

1. Falling to Normal
Current status: out for critique.
I sent my contemporary YA out for another beta read, and, quite honestly, I hope this is the last time I need to. There's things that need fixing and I trust that someone who's kick ass and loves cookies can help.

2. Phoenix Rising
Current status: revising
My current WIP is an urban fantasy that came from my first NaNoWriMo attempt in 2009. My goal is to have this out to beta readers by April. To do that, I should invest in more caffeine.

3. Untitled YA Project
Current status: taking notes
What was originally going to be my NaNoWriMo 2010 project got derailed by lack of time and preparation. It's about teens and assassins. It likes to infiltrate my progress on revisions and the 9-5 job whenever possible. It's like ninja-sneaky.

4. Untitled and Undetermined Genre Project
Current status: disrupting normal sleep patterns
Whenever I'm deep in another writing project, this one crops up. Sometimes it's a coauthored project with Danielle, sometimes it wants to go off and do it's own thing. It's been a hanger-on for too long and keeps changing it's packaging.

These are the writing projects that I'm juggling currently.

Lurkdom, what are you working on?
____________ hit of the day: Marilyn My Bitterness by The Cruxshadows


  1. Stupid, stupid, ugly revisions that are...STUPID! hehe Tough day in the revision world over here. ;) lol I need to invest in more caffeine too.

  2. working on revisions, too. and thinking about a few other projects at once, but really trying to focus on revisions.

  3. Okay,I decided in November to work on multiple projects at once, which is so not me with writing. But revising was kicking my butt, and I needed to temper that with some fun fast drafting. So:

    1. MG contemporary fantasy: being revised. Can't be finished soon enough :)

    2. Dystopic YA: a couple of chapters in, drafting mode.

    3. Princess Absurd Fantasy (cuspy) YA: starting to draft--this is the one that is disturbing my sleep.

    4. PB--completed, SS--started, Screenplay--next: in the weird expanding our boundaries crit project I'm doing with a few other writers.

    5. Other novels waiting in the revision queue: 2

    Are you coming to dessert and drink night on Feb. 15 in Westford?

  4. Looks like it's revisions all around, but I'm so glad I'm not the only one with multiple projects going on. *breathes sign of relief*

    Heather, as long as we don't have any ridiculous weather and my car hangs on, yes I'll be at the Westford Grille (and we can finally meet in person!)

  5. I am working on a new YA cotemp. project to get away from the historical. And I'm querying In Limbo right now. I also want to revise my NaNo novel and there's another historical I wrote that's not YA and I kinda want to change it around to make it YA. Whew...that's a lot, huh??? Oh, and I have short stories to write for my MFA program.

  6. I'm working on revisions for my contemporary YA, and I just completed a chapter for a joint novel I'm doing with my cuz. I also plan on outlining the second half of my next contemporary novel, but my NaNo novel has been "bugging" me lately. BTW, your projects sound uber-cool--especially the one about the assassins. :) Okay, is it creepy that I'm smiling about assassins?

  7. Wow, Quita and Pam have a lot too. Ladies, I have to say you're all AMAZING!

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