Friday, January 14, 2011

The List Starting with the Letter "I"

With 59 minutes left until the long weekend starts, I'm flat out. The Tuesday/ Wednesday blizzard didn't deter my work effort, but the day after did. I didn't get to my desk until this time yesterday*. Today was only a drop better. My brain's buzzing with stuff*.

Next week will be better I promise.

Because of this full-brain syndrome, I thought I'd share a few random thoughts with you.

  • I can't handle long blog posts. I start to lose focus halfway through.
  • I also can't handle most prog rock. That's a case of "too many notes."
  • It's difficult to edit your WIP when you stupidly forget your marked up pages in your office "to do" pile*.
  • If you could lose weight by eating pasta only, I'd now be a size 2. 
  • I finally found someone in this office who listens to industrial metal.

What random thing would you like to share?

* It's kinda hard to do work when you're not at your desk.
* That I can't articulate what that means is probably bad.
* And I would've forgotten it again if I didn't type that.
________ hit of the day: Nihilistic Stency by Lightning Swords of Death


  1. I don't like looking people in the eyes for an extended amount of time. I'm sure with the way my eyes jerk around, people probably think I'm on something!

  2. I'm twenty eight and think Amanda Bynes is the greatest actress on the planet. Ba dum crash.

    I have shifty eyes too, Pam!


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