Monday, January 10, 2011

Movie Shame

Last Tuesday, I talked about guilty pleasure music. If you haven't read it and are too lazy to click the link, I'll recap what defines a "guilty pleasure."

A guilty pleasure has to be something that you're reluctant to admit to. It's that thing you get all excited about even though you know you shouldn't.

For a movie, this isn't the hipster movie you like though you know you shouldn't because of it's awful acting, plot, writing, etc. If you like The Room, that's not a guilty pleasure. If you Google it, you'll find a lot of people who admit to liking it too.

I'm a little less hesitant to share my movie guilty pleasures because it's not as big of a secret. I own the DVDs, but I still get all red when Hubby teases me. And you know what? I'm not even going to defend them*. I'll just show you movie posters.

Lurkdom, help me out here. WHAT ARE YOUR MOVIE GUILTY PLEASURES?

* Well, maybe I'll defend What a Girl Wants. It has Colin Firth. That's my defense.
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  1. So, Alicia sends me this:

    Step Up 4Ever
    A fourth film has been confirmed and is set to be released sometime in 2012. Details about the plot and characters have not been announced yet, although Wade Robson is confirmed as choreographer and director, while Jon Chu will stand as the executive producer.[1]

    It made me think about wht the future films in the franchise would be:

    Step Up 5-vel Goes West

    Step Up 6-ty Nine Minutes Long

    Step Up 7-Minutes in Heaven

    Step Up 8-teen and Life…(You Got It!!!!!)

    Step Up 9-Nein, Nein

    Step Up 10-nis Great Steffi Graf.

    Step Up 11-ama’s, Why is it Always Llama’s?

    Step Up 12-perturbed pre-teens

    Step Up 13-The Revenge of Steffi Graf

    Step Up 14-D (by the time the 14th movie comes out, we’ll be able to see in the 14th dimension)

    Step Up 15-Love (The Steffi Graf Story)

    Step Up 16-Sweet!

    Step Up 17-Not yet Legally Blond

    Step Up 18-and Life…(You Got It!!!!!) Part 2

    Step Up 19-Finally Legally Blond

    Step Up 20-The Undiscovered Country

    I can only hope the franchise dies by this point.

  2. Step Up happens to be a cinematic master piece! I love movies. Period. And guilty pleasures kinda comes with the territory. Let's see...what do I consider a guilty pleasure? I was into Killshot (with my hubby Joe Gordon-Levitt) in which plays a very unconvincing Native American, and I also liked What Happens in Vegas. And here's the kicker...I liked Pearl Harbor. 'Nuff said.

  3. ohh, good one. I don't know Step Up, but clearly i am missing out. I will have to catch Step Up: 8teen and Life (You Got it). The whole list was hilarious.

    I love every Julia Roberts movie out there. I watch her tramp on lines and stumble through dialog and I don't care. She's fun to watch, and I think that's why she's so tremendously popular. I don't think she's the finest actor around, but she's from GA, and we celebrate our own.

  4. oh god. Step Up? Seriously. You should be ashamed ;)

    I don't really feel guilty about movies, even silly ones (I also enjoyed What a Girl Wants). I guess my own guilty pleasures would be Disney Channel Original Movies. NOT just Disney movies, for which I feel NO guilt and proudly admit I love Disney. The Original ones... HOWEVER, a small caveat is that I did NOT watch any of the High School Musical movies, and although I did watch Camp Rock, I hated it. I'm talking old school Original, like 'Motocrossed' and 'The Paper Brigade' (co-starring ROBERT ENGLUND!), Halloweentown, Twitches... stuff like that.

  5. Um, I've seen TANGLED twice in theaters now. *blushes* My excuse is my 3yo...boy. LOL

    I love all things fairy tale, and I will watch Cinderella until the day I DIE! hehe

  6. Thanks for sharing your movie guilty pleasures.

    Quita - I never saw any of these movies. Isn't that horrible?

    KO - You should so watch Step Up. I've watched a few Julia Roberts films, but sad to say not a whole lot. I did love her in Pretty Woman though!

    Mir - You can't mock my dance movies unless I mock your made for Disney TV movies.

    Holly - I loved Tangled! It was such a fun film.

  7. Haha! I fully deserve to be mocked! What 26 year old watches Disney Channel Original Movies? *this girl*

  8. My guilty pleasure movie is You've Got mail and the Parent Trap--- the Linsey Lohan remake.

    Oh wait, bring it on!

    Cheerleader movies where they have to cheer to win.

  9. Mir, this is one of the million reasons why you're the little sister I never had.

    Erinn - Bring it On is a *great* movie.

  10. I also liked What A Girl Wants.. and a lot of the Disney channel movies. Obviously Disney classics, but no shame there! :D I loved Tangled! Saw it twice already!!!

    The High School Musical movies weren't good but they weren't the worst things I've ever seen. I actually cried during the second one when Gabriella left. LOL I'm also kind of ashamed that I remember the names of the characters! (THOUGH! My excuse for watching them is babysitting. I never once watched one based on my own decision. It's always been a child's choice!)

    I'm going to cry forever for saying this.. But the Barbie movies LOL
    Like High School Musical I've never watched them alone and always babysitting or something. But I actually liked them since I used to love barbies. Those are the movies I'll be like "Hey Wanna watch Barbie Fairytopea (or however you spell it)

    Also the Hannah Montana Movie.. I actually went to see it with Valerie and it was alright. I actually just wanted to see if she was done being Hannah Montana because that's what I thought the movie was about. The ending disappointed me. Then Disney made Hannah Montana Forever. Another season. Yay <_<;

    Though I did learn the dance from the movie.... >_>;;;;

    haha. So now that I can hide in shame forever....

  11. I thought Mir might have won for the guilty pleasure, but Lauren I think you trumped her.

  12. All right, girl movies.

    1. The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds is pretty funny, and as an Alaskan, the choice of location appeals to me.

    2. Mean Girls. Tina Fey is a pretty savvy filmmaker, and as a teenage boy "on the sidelines" of this nonsense in high school, the movie rings all too true.

    3. The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler is the guy every guy wishes he could be once you're five bourbons into the evening. Raunchy and hilarious, although the ending was too fluffy.

    ...that's all I've got at the moment.

  13. Um, Step Up = Kick Ass Movie. :) Okay, I have the ultimate guilty pleasure movie: Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turles. Yay boy! *crosses my arms in superiority--or maybe shame*

  14. Bring It On was a great satire! Unfortunately, the other Bring It On movies forgot that and were trying to be "serious" and cast Saved By the Bell-- the New Class rejects.

    Lauren, Hannah Montana? In the theatre? You win. Plus you learned some dance? Double win. That's pretty embarrassing.

  15. I love Bring it On and own What a Girl Wants on DVD. But my ultimate guilty pleasure, the one that Jilly still rolls her eyes at me for having, is Two Weeks Notice. I'm ashamed of myself for owning it and for, at one time, having the nickname "Lucy" from an ex because I reminded him of the character.

    Do I still watch it? Hell yes, but never when Jilly's home... :)

    I also love Rough Magic, with Bridget Fonda and Russell Crowe. Kind of cheesy, but awesome...and definitely a secret shame.

  16. Yeahhhh... It is pretty embarrassing LOL Though I forgot half of the dance. Val and I tried doing it like 2 weeks ago and we both messed up.

    Warning..Hannah Montana.. XD

  17. Iiiiiiiii'mmmm NOT clicking on a Hannah Montana link. Sorry. Can't do it. ;) I think you've tried sending me that link before and I rejected i then, too LOL

  18. LOL! That was a different one >__<;


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