Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Overdose

After storm #2.
I live in New England.

We're famous for "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." We're also notorious for complaining about said weather. Since Boxing Day, we've had about a storm a week that will dump anywhere between 6 and 12 inches of snow.

While I'll admit that it's pretty when it first hits and clings to the trees, it takes about five minutes before it turns into a murky pile of ugh.

This pile of grossness takes over the entire town. I live in what some of my relatives like to call "the city*" which means not a whole lot of room to stick things. Like four feet of snow. The piles that bookend our driveway are taller than me.

We're getting three more storms this week.

What does that mean?
G3 buried during storm #2
A few things.

Everyone and their mom will freak out and raid Stop and Shop for milk. Why milk is such a necessity when threatened with a foot of snow, I'm not sure. I'd be more concerned about water.

We'll have to figure out where to put more of this white stuff.

If making a snowperson army would be the easiest, most efficient way of handling the snow, I'd do it. Not only would it be entertaining, but it's a great tribute to Calvin and Hobbes.

Why are you blogging about this?
I gotta admit, the snow really crushes me. The spidery fingers of despair are creeping up on me and my descriptions are becoming more purple and over-exaggerated each day**. It's becoming more difficult to put on the "I care" face. Good thing there's too much socially going on or I'd just curl up in bed and wait until the thaw.

In other news, Groundhog Day is this week. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we won't have the extended version of winter this year.

Does the cold and snowiness of winter get you down? Share below.

* Note to family: I live in a suburb, not an urb.
** This I blame on my inner goth.
_________ hit of the day: The Impartial Orchestral Mix by The Clockwork Dolls


  1. Yes. And I don't live far from you, so I'm trying not to despair or throw things at all the cute young weather dudes. They seem so excited. I'm so done with snow. I'm afraid to pull out of my road for fear of getting clipped by someone who doesn't see me!

  2. I'm with you, dude. I'm so over this whole snow thing. The only benefit of this god-awful weather has been the hot chocolate and work-from-home days.

  3. This comment will seem all wrong... I miss snow! I moved a year ago from MA. Outside my window in the Pacific Northwest, I see green grass and buds on a few trees. All those cool snow photos I've received... Yup, I miss it.

    But, um, it is kind of nice not to have to worry about parking or driving or shoveling or cold...

  4. I actually said to my friend today (she is in St. Louis where they are expecting something epic-ish involving snow AND ice) ... that I am JEALOUS of all the snow the northeast and midwest have been getting.

    If Utah doesn't get a few good wallops between now and the spring, we are in for a very dry and droughty summer. And I am not down with having a crispy brown lawn and husband doesn't like lakes that have no water.

    I like the snow, but only when I'm safely tucked inside and don't have to go out in it :) I hate being cold, but Winter's my favorite season, I think.

  5. I love snow, but of course, I never have to shovel it, or walk under snow tunnels, either.

    We should trade places! We could trade jobs and trade houses, and have a season AWAY. It would be awesome.

  6. YES!! We are expecting a blizzard in Chicago tomorrow-Wednesday and I'm so bummed. Public schools never shut down here so that means I will be trudging through 12-22 inches of snow with three kids!!! Ack! Unfortunately, I think it's headed towards you then:( Running my first blog contest starting today so stop by if you have time!

  7. The snow crushes you? No! Aww. I'm sorry for anyone who feels down with snow around. Chin up - at least you've got a cute groundhog on the horizon.

  8. I am so over winter and snow this year. I wonder if people buy milk because their bodies are subconsciously craving vitamin D.

  9. Ugh, I hate winter SOO MUCH!! When I was younger, I used to jump for joy when I saw snow. Now I kind of which snow was a person so I could drop kick it. Fingers crossed that our spring will be warm. :)

  10. I always find it pretty to look at..
    And then I go outside.
    And then I'm cold.

    Not excited for this 'storm' we're supposed to get. Actually it could be snowing right now and I wouldn't have a clue. It's always pretty until you have to go into it.

  11. You are SO ON THIS Alicia. These weekly snow days are killing me. My kids keep getting released from school, and I keep having to work. It is so difficult. I know the problems don't only apply to people with kids. The snow is everywhere, and it is depressing.

  12. I'm so glad you're all with me. With the exception of those crazy enough to miss it.

  13. The Snowpocalypse is ruining my "weekend!" First I had to make a super fast and almost pointless trip down to Peoria and now it is canceling my plans with the new friends I made at work. We were going to go shopping for sexy stuff, and now.. RUINED. And my apartment is cold. Boo.

  14. Boo. None of this is effecting Saturday's shadowcast I hope.


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