One Day of Zombies Not Enough?

Fact: Some people have a problem with the fact Zombie Thursday is only on Thursdays.


I'm sorry, but whoever invented the days of the week declared Thursday only happens once every 7 days. There's no circumventing this.

You're a cruel mistress, you know that?
True dat.

Don't despair, though. For those who want Zombie Thursday every day, you can actually go to That's right. It's an actual website.

And it's awesome.

At, they post every few days with a variety of zombie related information: educational, amusement, and informative. They even have zombie Star Wars movie posters.

So if you need another hit for your zombie fix, I definitely say check out

Don't forget to enter our contest. I've been told there will be cupcakes of awesome.
_________ hit of the day: Born Like This by Three Days Grace