The Race Has Ended!

Over in Boston-land, it's Marathon Monday where people from all over decide that running 26 miles from Hopkinton to Boston makes perfect sense*. It's appropriate that the Race to 150 winners get announced today.

What 120 entries looks like
Through the awesomeness of Hubby, a hat, and over one hundred bitty scraps of paper, winners have been decided.

Scarf Winners
Erin and Debra Elliott!

Handmade Critter Winner

Titling Assistance**  Winner
Amie Kaufman!

Cupcakes of Awesome Winner

Cookie Prize Pack Winner

Divergent ARC Winner

Grand Prize Winners
Shae (Zombie Survival Kit) and Glenna (Writer's Survival Kit)!

Miranda or I will contact the winners shortly. Thanks to all who entered!

As a reminder, tomorrow is the query letter blogfest. You still have time to sign up.

* Yours truly believes marathons should be reserved for the ancient Greeks.
** Originally I wasn't going to include this, but he was so insistent after seeing everyone's comments on him coming up with FALLING TO NORMAL.
______ hit of the day: Carpathian Forest by Carpathian Forest