Friday Fives: Advice Link Up

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When I saw this topic last week, I huffed and sighed. There's no way I received five pieces of advice as an aspiring writer. I normally don't talk about my craft with people*. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I've blogged about this not once but twice in the past year.
  1. Read a lot of everything. Believe it or not, I got this advice from Madeleine L'Engle**.
  2. First and foremost, write for yourself. I've heard this a lot, but couldn't remember who said it recently until I saw Erinn's post today. Thanks Scott Treimel.
  3. Never give up. This I got straight from Jack Ketchum*** along with some other jewels.
  4. There ain't no road too long.
  5. There is nothing chocolate can't fix.

Okay, so I might have just made up that final one, but it does hold true. Right?

Also, if you're about to start querying, wouldn't it be awesome to have seven people crit your package AND manuscript?

Of course it would!

Go to Help Write Now and bid on the Super Crit package that me, Erinn, Holly, Pam, Quita, KO, and Susan have joined forces on.

* Except you of course.
** In the form of A Ring of Endless Light, but in my nonprofessional opinion, it still counts.
*** Finding Nemo also gives similar advice.
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