Interactive Story Time: The Raccoon and The Gator

Happy Tuesday, Lurkdom, where today is my Thursday. What's awesome about this is that we're that much closer to summer. I'd like to celebrate this with a lawn ornament.

Now that the weather has decided to rise to a decent late-spring temperature*, I can enjoy all the tacky glory the residents put out. This one is particularly interesting because I can't decide what is on top of the corn cob - corn silk or dog hair.

This is very disturbing. Why are you showing us this?
Because I have questions that only you can answer!
  • How did the raccoon get the corn? 
  • Why is the alligator okay with being a taxi? 
  • Is the raccoon PRAYING to the corn for safe passage through the mulch?
  • Is the alligator vegetarian?

Let's get this started!

* And my revisions are just about done.
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