Friday, May 27, 2011

The Internet: Distractor Extraordinaire

Oh the internet. It's so shiny. So distracting.

True fact: As of right now*, instead of working on my revisions, I'm drafting this entry. That's a litmus test for distraction. Right?


So, since I am on a deadline, working on minimal sleep, and borrowing my time from revising, this will be short. (But I've included a bonus!)
  1. Facebook. Or rather, Facebook games. Bejeweled Blitz calls to me. It's constant and sometimes it's so bad I envision strategy before I sleep.
  2. Twitter. I <3 Twitter as much as the next person, but I find that whenever I get stuck/bored/agitated I'll just open it up "for a second" to see what's going on. It's never a second. And OMG, the links you people share!
  3. Blogs via Twitter. If 4KidLit, Angela Ackerman, or Laura Pauling happen to be tweeting, there are links. When there are links, there are some damn good articles. I get stuck in a knowledge hole.
  4. Wikipedia. It starts with a simple search for "magic pies" but in six steps you end up reading about hamburger joints in Red Square**.
  5. It's all about the links that send you somewhere else and has these with every artist profile. Why do you think I have over 200,000 artists in my library?
  6. Damn You Autocorrect. Even if they're doctored, there's something deliciously awesome about the phone thinking "sweaters" is "sister." The best of posts cause tears to form.
With all these time sucks, it's no wonder I'm scrambling toward my deadline. Has anyone used those internet blockers?

Lurkdom, what's your internet time suck?

Don't forget to stop by Paper Hangover to learn about more distractions.

* Thursday evening, 8.15 PM.
** This an exaggerated example. Though, if you happen to find these Wikipedia articles, please do share.
______ hit of the day: Reprogrammed to Hate by Whitechapel


  1. For some reason, internet blockers scare me. What if something happens, and I really, really need to use the internet. What do I do?

    And internet blockers that are easily deactivated are no use to me, because when I want to procrastinate I just deactivate them.

  2. I think that too, but I can get internet (especially Wikipedia!) on my phone. Turning it off when I want to procrastinate is what I think will happen too.

  3. I used to play games on facebook but I think it was back when they would post my scores on my wall automatically. The guilt factor sets in when people ask how I'm doing with my writing but they can see that I played Bejeweled for an hour.

  4. I don't play games on Facebook because of all those stupid wall posts. So at least I'm missing that distraction. *phew!* lol But, yeah, I wonder about internet blockers too. Although Write Or Die helps me a good bit.

  5. ZOMG, Bejeweled. I have the popcap game (don't play it on bookface), and it's abso-freaking-lutely addictive. It's the best game in the world to play if you just want to zombie out with your "Angry" playlist.

    I probably wouldn't consider internet blockers for myself - if I can't focus enough to be writing without messing around on the webz, I shouldn't be writing right now. Or so I tell myself, at least ;p

  6. All ring true - I think there's a theme here for everyone that's shared their lists! If I didn't get one in my top 5, someone else surely did!

    Great list - thanks for sharing! I'm off to Twitter to check out the peeps you mentioned... :)

  7. This gets me, too - not the same things, but I do compulsively need to see if someone sent me that one EMERGENCY email or FB post. ;)

    When I really need to work, I type on my work laptop - I can access FB and Twitter on it, but I feel too guilty to actually do it on there. So right now, it's sitting on the table next to me and when I'm done goofing around (oops), I'll switch over.

  8. Twitter is also my downfall! I've never heard of Interesting...

  9. Blogs are my number one time suck, especially when I follow one link to another to another. After that it's Twitter. I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family, but it's more like I'm not on it enough. I need to get better at that.

  10. Those auto-correct sites crack me up, too!

  11. If I'm on a serious self imposed deadline then I turn off Twitter. I do feel my writing comes first. Like right now I'm commenting on a few in the minutes before my kids get home. I don't have enough time to revise seriously. :) And thanks for the link! :)

  12. omg-we are like, soul bloggers. I am reading about myself, I swear. :) I had to deactivate my facebook so I can finish the rough of my WIP. And twitter is on my phone, but so tempting!

    Good luck with all those distractions!

  13. A "knowledge hole" it...and not a bad hole to be in either.

  14. sounds AWESOME! Thanks for giving me a new obsession. :)

  15. Ever since I signed up for a Tumblr, that's been the biggest time suck for me.

    But I totally feel you on the Bejeweled Blitz! It's so deceptive because you think, "Oh, it's only a minute long. I'll just play one more game," and before you know it, you've played like 20 more games and they definitely take more than a min each! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has seen falling gems while trying to fall asleep!


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