The Internet: Distractor Extraordinaire

Oh the internet. It's so shiny. So distracting.

True fact: As of right now*, instead of working on my revisions, I'm drafting this entry. That's a litmus test for distraction. Right?


So, since I am on a deadline, working on minimal sleep, and borrowing my time from revising, this will be short. (But I've included a bonus!)
  1. Facebook. Or rather, Facebook games. Bejeweled Blitz calls to me. It's constant and sometimes it's so bad I envision strategy before I sleep.
  2. Twitter. I <3 Twitter as much as the next person, but I find that whenever I get stuck/bored/agitated I'll just open it up "for a second" to see what's going on. It's never a second. And OMG, the links you people share!
  3. Blogs via Twitter. If 4KidLit, Angela Ackerman, or Laura Pauling happen to be tweeting, there are links. When there are links, there are some damn good articles. I get stuck in a knowledge hole.
  4. Wikipedia. It starts with a simple search for "magic pies" but in six steps you end up reading about hamburger joints in Red Square**.
  5. It's all about the links that send you somewhere else and has these with every artist profile. Why do you think I have over 200,000 artists in my library?
  6. Damn You Autocorrect. Even if they're doctored, there's something deliciously awesome about the phone thinking "sweaters" is "sister." The best of posts cause tears to form.
With all these time sucks, it's no wonder I'm scrambling toward my deadline. Has anyone used those internet blockers?

Lurkdom, what's your internet time suck?

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* Thursday evening, 8.15 PM.
** This an exaggerated example. Though, if you happen to find these Wikipedia articles, please do share.
______ hit of the day: Reprogrammed to Hate by Whitechapel