Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Don't You Forget About Me

The Breakfast Club. Sixteen Candles. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Weird Science. Pretty in Pink.

Who hasn't watched any of these movies and go "damn, that's me"?

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Don't You Forget About Me is a documentary about John Hughes' impact on teens worldwide. The documentary follows four directors as they road trip in search of John Hughes.

Throughout we get bits of interviews with people who Hughes' influence has touched. This includes the actors he had worked with during the making of these films plus directors of today.

What I liked best was the interviews they did with kids who were currently in school. Every one interviewed spoke to how the "teen films" that Hughes wrote spoke to them more than the current teen films today. This is because movies like the ones I mentioned on top tackle things we all went through without glamorizing it. (How many teen flicks have the perfect boy and/or girl driving the latest model car? Exactly.)

As a YA writer, this documentary was important. John Hughes was a pro at getting the teen dynamic down in a way that rang true for everyone. This is something we should all strive for. Remember: the key to a great YA story is to get the important details right.

I'd totally recommend this to anyone who has a love for John Hughes, pop culture, or great teen fiction.

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  1. I haven't even heard of this documentary, but I must watch it! I love John Hughes films. How could you not, really?

  2. Oh my gosh...I loved...LOVED John Hughes movies. I wanted a pink Kharmanghia and a friend like Duckie. And Sixteen Candles...that scene with the cake and them sitting on the table...swoon.

    I'll have to take a peek at the documentary.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  3. I should probably watch this. I loved all those movies and I still think even though they are great 80's movies they still hold up today.

  4. Um, why haven't I heard about this?? I quote lines from Ferris Bueller almost every day! "Sa-wing battaaa."

  5. I need to watch this. Pronto. Thanks for the movie tip dear!

  6. Great recommendation! Can't wait to watch it. I'm a huge John Hughes fan. I agree--he's timeless.


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