Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's Topic: The house is on fire and you've only got time to grab five things. What are they?

I live in a pretty questionable house that has tons of religious artifacts and questionable wiring**. Example: a lamp works where there are no outlets because it's hard-wired onto another wire. Somewhere. The grace of god is probably the only thing that keeps my house standing.

So because of this, I go through periodic bouts of fire paranoia--that thing where you're convinced the house will burn down in the middle of the night***. Thanks to this, I have a plan in place.
  1. The cats. Much easier said than done, this will take the most time to do. Have you ever tried stuffing two cats into a carrier?
  2. The laptop bag. This always includes the laptop and paperwork for whatever project I'm working on. And my camera.
  3. The purse. Which includes the money, checkbook, iPod, and keys. And is usually found next to the laptop bag.
  4. The phone with charger. Right next to the exit, I can rip the charger out of the wall with the phone still attached.
  5. Hubby. He would be running around grabbing his own five things, so this wouldn't happen until we were in the street watching everything burn. It would probably be one of those compulsive grabs like "omigod! What the hell are we going to do???" but it's still a grab and therefore, counts.
Now I'm thinking about fires again, which isn't a good thing. This means tonight I'll be making sure everything is squared away just in case****.

What five things would you grab in case of a fire?

* Apologies for the less-than-creative title. 
** Among other things, but that's another post.
*** It doesn't help that in the four years that Hubs and I have lived in our questionable house, there have been three fires in the neighborhood hasn't helped, either.
**** Maybe even suggest to Hubs that we start home fire drills.

_______ hit of the day: Excitable by Def Leppard


  1. How organised are you?! I wish I was that organised. I'm a walking disaster, with or without the fire.

  2. Your *s make me chuckle ^_^

    Your organisation skills will make saving everything a lot easier!

  3. Eh, I think your post title pretty much says it all. And I can't believe I didn't think to grab my purse... I can't even imagine trying to replace everything that's in there!

  4. It's easy to be organized for that when you're paranoid about fire and live in a small apartment.

  5. I feel bad that I didn't mention the Frenchman nor the kiddos in my post :/ What does that say about me? *shakes head*

  6. I would definitely grab my purse also because my life is in there (flash drives, iPOD, phone, charger, etc.) :)

  7. The laptop indeed! :P And the cats, most definitely. And the husband! All very important. :)

  8. Yes, after reading this, I highly suggest you go buy a fireproof safe to alleviate at least some of your worry. lol They aren't very expensive.

    But it sounds like you've got a pretty good plan in place!

  9. Heee, I'm amused that hubby is #5. :)

  10. I didn't even think to grab the purse. Or the cell phone. Or the chargers. My list is growing too fast. I think I need to put everything in one central location!

  11. Very smart choices! My apartment also has . . . unique wiring, which leads to a lot of fire paranoia. Love the hubby grab. :)

  12. I love that you added a charger for your cell phone. I've made the mistake of leaving that behind too many times to to put it on my list, too!

    Good thinking to grab your purse. I totally forgot about that. I guess keys to the car would come in handy.

  13. Purse is so obvious! How did me and Pam leave it off??? And the phone & charger...omigod, I'd die without my phone. How else could I check my inbox every other second for agent responses??

  14. Dadgum. I forgot the purse and the clothes? I'd be a media-rich, money-poor, naked person. Awesome.

  15. For me, the things I would spend time grabbing are things that are completely irreplaceable. First and foremost would be getting my two pets out. This would be difficult because one is a turtle, and Mia never wants to leave my side. Next would be my signed Clive Barker painting (and probably my signed copy of Hellbound Heart) because I can't replace those. Third would be a quilted picture thing my mom made me. After that, I'm under the belief that everything is replaceable, even if it is annoying to do so-- laptop, Wii, phone, etc. It would suck to have to get new everything, but I *could* get new everything.

  16. Yes, so organized...I can't believe I was more worried about sentimental things than all the practical things in my purse.

  17. 1. My cats. I guess that counts as two.
    3. My laptop
    4. My phone
    5. My purse/bag that has whatever I generally leave the house with in it. XD


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