The Twitter Hit List

As I pointed out on Tuesday, I tweet a lot, so it's timely that Paper Hangover wants to know who they should follow. Below you'll find a nice mix of resources plus contributors to my 10K plus tweets.

Writer Thesaurus. Angela Ackerman's other Twitter handle for sharing useful links that pertain to things like description and all kinds of sensory detail.

4KidLit. Pretty much a link aggregator, the ladies behind Adventures in Children's Publishing supply you with a constant string of useful links.

Agents. There are a shit-ton out there, and if you're serious about publication, you should follow agents to get an idea of their likes, peeves, etc.

Fox 25 News. When I bother to watch the news, these are the people I watch. I love their morning program. This would only work if you're from the Boston area or writing about Boston, I suppose.

The Weekend of Awesome ladies. Holly Dodson, Erinn, Marquita Hockaday, Pam Harris, and KO. All of them are fantastic** not to mention if you follow all of us, you'll get to see all of our conversations. Even though she wasn't part of WOA, you should also follow Meredith McCardle and Tracey Neithercott to follow more of our conversations.

Bonus! The Boston Illiterate Society. Still in the works, this shit lit Twitter feed and companion site will be the destination for all bad literature***.

What Twitter feeds should I check out?

* Some of these contain several sub-categories and while I know there is such a thing as lists, that requires way too much concentration on my part to really utilize it's power.
** You should follow their blogs too.
*** We hope.
______ hit of the day: One Last Goodbye by Anathema