Things That Amuse Me: Daschunds

Daschunds. Hot dog dogs. Weiner dogs. Whatever you call them, I find them hysterical. They're the perfect combination of long torso and short legs so they always look like they're in a hurry. And the ears are usually floppy which adds to the amusement factor when they run.

Image courtesy of Bay Area Dogs

In fact, I'm smiling right now looking at this handsome little feller. They crack me up so much that Hubby is aware of my conditions if I was to become a dog owner.

  1. Must be a daschund.
  2. His name will be Sparky.
  3. He will have his own doggie treadmill and wind machine.
  4. We will buy him a cape.
This is all so I can have a superhero dog named Super Sparky so I can watch him run and his ears flail.

Now that I've probably condemned myself to the looney bin, watch this cute dachshund puppy play with the mirror version of himself.

________ hit of the day: Dreaming Light by Anathema