Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Haiku

It's my Monday, which means this week will plod to Friday*. The only saving grace is the stack of projects that I want to complete. (Hint: they're all writing related.)

Anyway, my brain wouldn't function today at all, so I thought a bad haiku was in order.

The rook called. I listened.
O’er the crest, Reaper smiled
In his arms I lie

Despite the moribity of the haiku content, I'm in a cheerful mood. I get to read Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School for the day job and I sat in a giant's chair yesterday.

* Why this is always the case with shortened weeks is beyond me.
Last.fm hit of the day: Star War by Backyard Babies


  1. Who doesn't love to sit in a giant's chair? Thanks for the haiku--you're pretty brilliant.

  2. Wow. I've never been good at Haiku. Happy July--despite you're morbidity. :)

  3. Reading fun books for the day job is always good. Also sitting in a giant's chair is cool too.

  4. Nothing like a good morbid haiku to get your spirits up! :D A giatn's chair -- sounds interesting. And dude, you're super-lucky to get to read awesome books for a job. I think I'll grow up to be like you, Alicia.

  5. all haiku are good haiku, right?

    They never cease to make me smile, even if about death.


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