Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things that Amuse Me: Laugh at that Rejection

After a year spent revising, last night I started querying again. A good chunk of The Lurkdom knows the ups and downs of querying: how it's a waiting game where you can go from super manically happy to downright suicidal in the course of the day*.

This being the case, let's have a laugh at rejection today on The Pie.

Disclaimer: The staff at The Pie does not endorse writing snarky, rude response letters to industry professionals or ranting about said rejection in a public forum. We at The Pie understand rejection is part of the road to publication. As yours truly said to her father during her first driving lesson: "Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

* We won't even go into how many times I've checked my email since I woke up this morning. OCD doesn't even cover it.

Last.fm hit of the day: Bereit by Panzer AG


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I'm going to be submitting myself soon and I'm sure I'll need a good sense of humor to deal with the rejections!

  2. Yes, good luck..and always keep laughing!

  3. Ha, that's brilliant! Best of luck with it, and try not to break the F5 button on your keyboard. It's a hard time. Tahereh Mafi sums it up well.


  4. I LOLed. I totally did. lol. Queries are emotional exhausting, but exciting as all get out too. Sigh. Good luck staying sane!

  5. Totally feeling your pain. OQD (or obsessive query disorder) is a reality for me.
    Good luck!

  6. Foamy!!!! I'd completely forgotten about that web comic. Good lucky with your queries, may you not send out too many before finding that last elusive typo.

  7. ROTFL! This is so hilarious! A bit frightening, but hilarious. :)

  8. Oh my... so good! Love her "Kisses" sign off. :)

    Good luck with the querying. Fingers crossed for good news and positive responses!

  9. Good luck with your queries! And thanks for the laugh=)


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