Top 5 Applications for Writers

It's Friday. That means it's time for Paper Hangover's Friday Fives. Today's topic?

Oh, apps. You little things that can become such a time sink for yours truly*.

I don't really have an addictive personality, but there are certain things that make me forget outside things exist. Take this example: back in dial up only days, The Lou had an old computer in our basement. This computer had Tetris. I would shoot down there for a "quick game" only to re-emerge five hours later.

So because my favorite non-productive apps are games like Tetris, I should probably focus on things that tie into writing. You're shocked, I know.

Write or Die. I actually paid the $10 for the download so I can use it when I'm not attached to the internet. You set a word count goal and a time limit and -BOOM!- you write to your heart's content. It kinda forces you to turn off your editor.

Freedom. My love of all things shiny runs deep. This means I have a constant need to check Twitter, email, Facebook, more email, Blogger, more Twitter... Freedom shuts off your internet without you needing to disable anything. I'm paying the $10 for this application too.

Scrivener. If I wasn't already with Hubby, I think I'd marry this program. Drafting is so much easier with this. It has notecards that you can shift around. It has a name generator. Scrivener is much more user-friendly than Microsoft Word and if I could, I'd use for the day job too. While the Windows version is still in beta, the Mac version has been around for a long, long time.

Google Docs. Even with all my Scrivener love, Google Docs is also awesome because I can keep things there that I need immediate access to, even when I'm only working from my phone. Collaboration is awesome for this because I no longer need to email a document back and forth.

Evernote. Like any good writer, I <3 post-its and should own stock. With this in mind, it shouldn't be a surprise that I love the sticky notes feature on my home laptop. They're colorful and useful for things like plot ideas. The sad thing is that they aren't transferable elsewhere and sometimes I get an idea when I'm at the mall. This is why I love Evernote. I can write a note on my phone and it will sync up with my home laptop and my day job one. It will also be available online. Did I mention that it's super easy to use? Because it is.

What are some of your favorite apps?

* I'm looking at YOU, Mahjongg Dimensions. Oh, and you too, Bejeweled.
____ hit of the day: In My Dreams by Dokken