Twice More on the Trapeze!

Hello, readers! You get a double dose of Miranda this week! Alicia has handed over Pie duties to me today. I'm guessing she is preparing for the hurricane of doom that is soon to be hitting the East Coast. So to all you people in that area, I hope you stay safe and that you keep your power and internet! Stay indoors!

While you are stuck inside, I thought I would bring even more flying trapeze your way since I have gotten positive feedback on my less the normal hobby. So today, I have two videos to show you. In them I am performing the set split trick. Yes, this is basically doing the splits on a trapeze bar and then throwing yourself off to be caught. Sometimes it goes really well, as you will see directly below... and sometimes it goes, well, not so great. But it's good to see even the worst attempts because it helps to learn where you mess up and how to avoid it in the future.

And now for the not so great attempt--

If you happen to live in the Chicago area, tonight, August 26th, there is a free trapeze performance down on Belmont Harbor at TSNY where I take lessons. I believe it starts at 7 with a show by a trapeze camp and then at 8 the "Intensive Flying Workshop" class will be putting on their showcase. Costumes and everything! So come by and check it out, and maybe think about signing up for a class or two!