The Great Book Reorg of 2011

Back in the spring of 2010, I admitted that I have a book habit. Now in the fall of 2011, I'm here to tell you it hasn't improved. With the demise of Borders, the addiction grew worse. The combined TBR pile morphed into 4 totes full of unread books.

Houston, we definitely have a problem.

So a few weeks ago, Hubby finally agreed to the Great Book Reorg of 2011. Every book was stripped from the shelves* and unloaded from totes until we were able to see everything**. The amount of books we had was sort of disgusting because we knew we weren't going to read a lot of them. It had turned into hoarding.

So we went through the process of brutal honesty on what we were going to read, reread, and not. If they were books we borrowed and weren't going to read them, they went into the "return" pile. If they were books bought on a whim, they went into the "resell" pile. The resell pile currently stands at 3 large grocery bags and 2 midsize boxes. Books we were going to keep got put into totes, totalling 3. I catalogued everything we kept.

Our final book count is 600+ books***.

So what does 600+ books look like?
Like this. 

Hardcover and over-sized paperbacks,
which is already 4 books lighter.
The White One demonstrates how the
stored books make a great napping spot.
The mess of our random case is even
worse compared to the Mongo case holding
all our paperbacks and The Dark Tower.

How do you store your TBR piles? Did you have to do a book purge recently? Share below!

* The exception to that was our "random" case that contains a mish mash of crap. We'll get to that eventually.
** That particular process happened in 3 stages across our kitchen table. The White One decided to play nice and leave us alone for this.
*** This number based on catalog alone. This number doesn't include Harry Potter, items on the random case, boxed up books in the basement or at another house, or graphic novels and comics. Once it gets to that point, Excel may break.

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