Oh the Places that I Go

If you follow my Twitter, you've probably noticed the tweets about how unuseful my cats are in terms of writing. That's because I deal with things like this:

Yep. That's them on top of my work. Don't even get me started about them usurping my view of the laptop. Of course, there's also the case of Hubs who has the uncanny ability to come talk to me about something when I'm in the middle of a difficult scene or brainstorming. With these distractions at home, it's amazing I get anything done.

When the home distractions get too ridiculous, I head out. My five local haunts:

Watertown Free Public Library
(c) Elizabeth Thomsen
Watertown Public Library. It's about a ten minute walk from the apartment. There's a cafe. It's quiet. There's free internet. Plus, it's a library. The library has been extremely useful in terms of getting shit done without interruptions. I've plotted NaNo novels and edited the hell out of other novels here.

I'll admit it: I love this library.

(c) Rachel Kenley
A Novel Cafe. Located nowhere near me, but somewhere near one of Bestie Steph, A Novel Cafe is now my default workspace when I'm on my way to meet up with her.

A Novel Cafe is an independent bookstore/coffee shop that has a Borders feel. I spent an entire Saturday there and outlined two novels.

The offices of the Watertown Charitiable Council and Knights of Columbus, Council 155. Don't judge. The office space is used for a total of eight hours a week, leaving all that open office space for yours truly. The office has no wifi, which cuts down on my ditraction time, so bonus. Also, there are multiple rooms I can wander through. No to mention the really odd bathroom set up. I'm not sure what kind of building it was before it became office space, but there's a shower but no legit kitchen.

Oh, and that yellow and red logo on top? That's my handiwork. Be in awe my friends. You know you want to.

The original Chez Gregoire. My mother loves any reason for me to lurk around the old homestead. Sometimes I like the concept of a dining room. It works out. Not to mention there's wifi and free food for the taking. Well, if I feel like carrots, yogurt, or graham crackers, that is.

In all seriousness, the drive to work at my parents house usually happens as a last resort. Usually when I'm there, I do anything but work.

Even with all these great places to go, the best one of all is my original workplace. There's no travel necessary.

Besdides, can you really neglect this cuteness?

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