Swinging Doors

So part of the platform building campaign is challenges. Rachael posted the first one on Monday. The challenge? To write a piece of flash fiction that is 200 words or less that begins with the phrase "the door swung open." Optional parts of the challenge are to make it 200 words exactly and  to close out the piece with "the door swung shut."

Now, if you know anything about me, I don't write short. It's a miracle I tweet as much as I do since brevity definitely ain't the soul of my wit. Because of this, it shouldn't surprise you that it took me three hours to come up with 200 words.

But, I did it. *points to paragraphs below* No title yet, sorry!

The door swung open. The conversation in the media room ceased.

Dusk kept himself poised in the doorway until the shock of his arrival wore off. For the barrage of questions to begin.  Last night’s performance was magnifique. Of course they would want to know more about his inspiration, his motivation…his process.

“Dahlings, I await your questions with bated breath.” He struck a pose for added effect. The camera flashes were too bright and Dusk shaded his eyes from the glare.

A busty reporter in a white mini dress asked the first question. “Why did you modernize The Cask of Amontillado?”

“I was inspired.”

Several questions followed hers and he answered every one. The entire time he kept his focus on the busty reporter. As the questions drew to an end, she closed the distance between them and pressed herself against him.

“What will your next project be?” she breathed against his lips.

A flirty response was on Dusk’s lips, but the reporter’s face aged twenty years. An older woman now stood beside him in a nurse’s white uniform.

“Mr. Dyson, it’s time medication time.” She led him through the common room out into the hallway.

The door swung shut. 

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