Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time Travelling Tag Team

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's Topic: What non-YA character would you love to see star in a YA book as themselves?

Confession: I've thought about this topic all day. I've read everyone else's suggestions to see if it would spark mine. (Yours were all lovely BTW - a lot of Harry Potter and two Gandalfs - tons of wizard love.) I finally figured it out with all seriousosity.

Paradoxes aside, I'd like to see a YA that focuses on these two guys during their teen years.

Look: they even have the same expression. It's kismet.
Think about it: they're both time traveling doctors. Can you imagine the craziness that would ensue? Maybe The Doctor taught Doc Brown the phrase "Great Scott!" Maybe Doc Brown gave The Doctor his love of bowties. The possibilities are endless.

What non-YA characters would you want to see paired up as teens?
________ hit of the day: Built to Last by The Chelsea Smiles


  1. These are fantastic choices. Well worth the wait. I love how they are both making the same look in these pictures

  2. AH! A Dr. Who / Doc Brown teen mashup?? You're seriously a genius. Like seriously, that would be so much awesome the pages might light on fire. :-)

  3. Crud, most of my Non-YA favorites feature brief clips of the heroes as teens (Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, etc).

  4. LOVE! Your choices are always so unique :D Both of those guys would make interesting YA MCs.

  5. Oh, yes. Doc Brown would be fantastic. He's a kook, and I wonder what made him that way?

  6. I love your choices! Doc Brown would be HILARIOUS!

  7. That would be super-cool. Write it!

  8. Okay, so, well, I'll admit - no Dr. Who love here. Only because I've never seen an episode - no matter the actor - none.

    Totally love the idea of Dr. Brown as a teen! Bring it on!

  9. LOL, this is a great idea. I've been YA brained for so long, I'll have to think on it.

    Oh, and btw, I've been knitting the squares (none of them as of yet connected) since freshmen year of college. You think I'd have a ton, but I'm slow going and will stop for months at a time. I'm on again though, and they are 5x5 and in every color you could think of. I think I'll do it until I have a queen size, just for kicks lol

  10. You chose the Doctor too! When I read the prompt he popped into my head almost immediately, but then I saw you already blogged about him.

    That didn't stop me, though. I blogged about him too, along with a second pick. I agree that it'd be fun to see both the Doctor and Doc Brown as teens. I'd never thought about them teaming up before, but I have now, thanks to you!


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