Monday, November 7, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Alert: Dirty Soap

Those in the Lurkdom that know me IRL know I have a love of daytime television. Bestie Danielle likes to make fun of me because of this. I'm devoted to One Life to Live so much I went into a mini depression when it was announced that it's coming to an end. I could write several blog posts about soap operas and how they apply to writing. Don't worry, that's not what today is about.

Nor is about my other love, reality television. I'm not talking about the trashy reality TV, like Jersey Shore, but something a little "classier" where the focus is more on actual life and not just hookups.

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In September, E aired Dirty Soap, which is reality television about soap opera stars. Best reality show ever? Hells yes.

Dirty Soap focuses on the lives of eight people involved in soaps. Each star is at a different stage of their professional and personal careers. There's rivalry, family drama, and baby drama. Not to mention there's tons of talk about soaps. That there are entire conversations that discuss what's happening with their fictional selves is pretty awesome.

What I love best about the show is the personal edge to the show. It's easy to forget that people involved in TV and movies deal with the same crap we do. Including this into the show makes it less contrived.

Confess! What show are you reluctant to share your love for?
________ hit of the day: In the Presence of My Enemies by Machine Head


  1. I've caught snippets of Dirty Soap and can definitely see why you're smitten. I'm embarrassed about my intense love of all things Bravo TV. The Real Housewives, Top Chef, Rachel Zoe... I love them all!

  2. I've been tempted to watch Dirty Soap b/c I am a hardcore General Hospital fan...always glad to meet fellow fans of daytime :)

  3. Maybe I don't like the fact that I occasionally watch Desperate Housewives...

  4. All my kids' shows - particularly Victorious and iCarly. LOVE those.

    And interesting Alison tidbit - my first attempts at writing - writing soap operas about my college friends. I used to be HOOKED on Days of Our Lives.

    Have a great Monday!


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