I Would Sell My Soul for Twilight Money

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday. 

Today's topic: How far would you go to get published?

More than once I told Bestie Danielle that I would sell my soul for some Twilight money. This should give you an idea of my lack of scruples.

On a more serious note, even though I'm attached to my story lines and characters like The White One and plastic, I'm not stupid. I do realize that the publishing industry contains a bit of give and take. So I'd like to present my list of how far I'd go.

Revision. I have no problems revising. There are people out there much smarter than me that want to make my book better. I've been known to take pretty much any suggestion and try it out*. There are just certain things that won't happen in this though. If you want me to revise so there's a more lyrical quality to the writing, good luck with that. Lyrical I'm not.

Pursue a hobby in cardio torture, AKA running. If you really want me to take up running in order for me to get published, I'll do it.  Be prepared for phone calls after the fact though.

Change my characters. Should their hair color change? Okay. Should they suddenly change sexes? Erm, probably not.

The "Sparkle" Factor. This is where I'll stop compromising. Nothing alive or undead should sparkle. Ever**.

Now that I've shared my thoughts on what I'm willing to do or not, I should go take care of some revisions.

* Unfortunately, this has also included suggestions from Nemesis, he of the infamous "love juices."
** The exception to this is when someone is where sequins, which should only be used for costumed purposes only.