Sunday, December 4, 2011

More About The White One

Making himself comfy at VESCONE.
It's been officially a month since kitty drama has began and I'm happy to say that it's now over. Without getting into the realm of TMI, The White One couldn't keep food down.

After several rounds with the vet and the nice people at VESCONE, everyone was confused. He acted fine, just couldn't keep food down.  They confirmed that cats don't have eating disorders and it was determined that he needed surgery to find out what was wrong*.

Now would be the time to mention that I thought myself to be the type of person who would never opt for surgery on a cat. Turns out that was me being delusional because there was no doubt in my mind that we were having the cat operated on.

The White One, of course, had other plans.

Trying to hide from surgery**.

So they operated on him and found nothing in his GI tract. They biopsied him and thankfully that came back fine as well. The verdict was he swallowed something too big and by the time the surgery happened, he got rid of it.

The White One had to wear a cone while he healed from his stitches. For ten days, Hubby and I watched the cat walk like a drunken sailor. It was sad because the cat had stitches, but funny because he never got the hang of the cone.

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since the surgery and he'll finally be allowed out of the living room to destroy the rest of the house. Things will finally be back to normal.

So to everyone in the Lurkdom who has expressed concern over The White One, thank you.

______ hit of the day: Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle

* The worst case scenario in this regard is cancer.
** You should know that he hid himself. Neither Hubby nor I had any hand in this.


  1. Well, I'm glad to hear that he's feeling better. He seems to have the same idea about hiding as I do: if I can't see them, they can't see me. :)

  2. Aww, poor kitty! I can relate: one of my dogs (we'll call her The Blonde One) had all kinds of health issues a few months ago and it was a nightmare. I'm glad she's okay, but holy hell, pets are expensive and high maintenance. Here's to lots of happy healthy years for The White One (and The Blonde One!).

  3. I am so glad things are much better with the White One. Pet trauma is the worst.

  4. Glad to hear The White One is feeling better.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a crazy few weeks. SO glad to hear all is well with The White One.
    Also good to know that cats can't have eating disorders.


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