Head’s Up: Susan Dennard Blog Tour Week

One great thing about the YA community is that everyone is super supportive. We cheer each other on through Twitter and our blogs. We share our successes and disappointments over email and IM.

Something Strange and DeadlyWhen we finally get published, we like to spread the word. That’s what’s happening this week. Debut YA author Susan Dennard is travelling the blogosphere this week to support her novel Something Strange and Deadly, which will be published in July.

But it’s January. Isn’t this a little early?

Not if we have an ARC to give away! All this week, you can enter for a chance to be part of an ARC tour. For more information, check out Holly Dodson’s blog as she is the hostess extraordinaire.

To learn more about Susan and her debut, be sure to check out the blog tour this week. You can find the schedule below.