MARCHing Forward

Yep, that is a horrible pun for the fact we're approaching March* and I don't care. The last several months for yours truly has epically been made of suck and I'm looking forward to all the things that happen once March 1 arrives. I just need to make it through one extra day of February**. Since blogging at The Pie has been spastic and not terribly brilliant as of late, I want to share with you what I'm looking forward to.

Even though there's more hype about the Hunger Games movie, the one I'm more than ready to see comes out in a week and a half. John Carter stars Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins to most of you) which means a lot of ogling. I have no shame and am proud to admit it.

Don't think I'm not looking forward to seeing Hunger Games because I am. There's talk about a movie date with Bestie Danielle and that alone is a good reason.

Editing and Revision
For something different, I'll be revising in March. This time it will be a different WIP (thank goodness) and it's for NaNoEdMo.That it's NaNoEdMo is the main reason why I'm looking forward to it. This year I was in charge of gathering articles and we have some great pep talks for the month: Elana Johnson, Jeff Somers, and agent Vickie Motter to name a few. Keep your eye on my Twitter feed over the month so you'll know when these go live.

Spring and Daylight Savings Time!
Though it's hard to complain with the winter we've had, spring is my favorite season. (Probably because of the flowers.) We also gain an hour of daylight. I love daylight a little bit more than sleep, so this is awesome.

These are the main things I'm excited about in the upcoming month. What are you looking forward to?

* There's a reason why Hubby's the comedian and I'm not.
** February is usually the coldest month in New England, IMO. That most of the month has been in the 40s has been the only good thing.