You Tell Me: Best Gateway Books

The first thing you're told when you decide to write in a particular genre and market is to read what you're going to write. This, of course, is so you know what works and doesn't, what is trending, and whether or not giraffes are a useful protagonist*.

So you read all the kidlit you can get your hands on. Some is awesome and others aren't worth the ink used. With each fantastic book you've read, you want ten other people to read it as well.

Now we're at the meat of today's post.

Over several conversations with Hubby, I've learned that his knowledge of middle grade and young adult books is paper thin**. This is quite fucking sad. We all know that there is so many fantastic worlds and stories in these two areas and he's missing out.

What are you getting at? It's Friday and I have stuff to do.
I'm so glad you asked. Hubby has agreed to give reading MG and YA a try. Because of this, I want to make sure that he starts off reading something strong that way he'll want to read more in this area. Hubby is pretty geeky and our house is filled with comics and fantasy books***. He also likes nonfiction that deals with true crime-like things.

Below in comments, tell me what book(s) you think Hubby should read and why.

* Well, maybe not the final thing.
** He hasn't even read Harry Potter.
*** Not to mention lots of video games where he kills things.