Today's Revision Angst Fueled by Diet Cherry Coke

If you've been following me on Twitter or have seen my life via Facebook, you know the following things: I'm still unemployed, I'm still revising, and I've developed an unhealthy addiction to several Facebook games.

The first thing isn't related to the last two things, though I'm using my unemployment-ness to my advantage. Example: A revision that would have taken me several months of nights only took a month and a half to complete. True, it could've taken less time if I didn't play as many rounds of Tetris humanly possible, but revisions are hard.

Let me repeat: revisions are hard.

Now that I've completed revisions on my contemporary, it's time for me to put my focus back on my urban fantasy. This is harder to do than I originally thought, partially because I'm approaching revision burnout. The other reason is shifting gears from one world to another is a challenge.

The thing that sucks is that I have to revise: the urban fantasy will not revise itself. Also, I'm one of the administrators and regional coordinators for NaNoEdMo; it would look horrible if I couldn't complete fifty hours of revision. These factors don't change the fact that I don't know how to begin this revision.

How do you change revision gears from one project to another? I'm desperate for suggestions.