So Many Books, Not Enough Time

One thing that most of you guys can relate to is that new releases sort of creep up on you and then you want nothing else but for the world to stop so you can devour that book you've been waiting endlessly for. The next few weeks have so many releases that I've been dying to read that I'm not sure how I'm going to handle all that reading combined with all of the revisions I still have to do.

What books am I waiting on? Let's start with the two that I ended up reading last week because I just couldn't wait another few weeks.

BLACK HEART came out on April 3rd and I managed to hold off for FIVE DAYS before breaking this open. I told myself that if I finished writing out all the new scenes I needed to write, I could take a day off to read this.

SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY comes out in July, but I'm lucky to be part of the ARC tour. The ARC came to me on Wednesday and by Thursday I was done. (I justified this as writing related work, so reading it during revisions was okay.) Stay tuned for my review.

What else am I itching to read?
  • THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE by Stephen King comes out April 24th. This is a new Dark Tower novel and though Goodreads calls it number 8, it's really 4.5.
  • INSURGENT by Veronica Roth comes out May 1st. The first book in the series, DIVERGENT, was my favorite read of 2011 so I definitely can't wait to see what surprises await in book 2.
  • CITY OF LOST SOULS by Cassandra Clare comes out May 8th. With the way that the previous TMI book ended, I'm desperate to see what the hell happened. That's all I can say without being spoilery.
My plan is to power through my remaining revisions sans sleep so I can read everything guilt-free.

What books are you looking forward to?