Ready. Set. WRITE! Week 10

Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer accountability series that is hosted by Jaime MorrowKaty UppermanAlison MilerErin Funk, and Elodie Nowodazkij. We set goals for the summer and check in weekly.

Whelp, We're fully entrenched in August. I'm not sure how this happened. And now that I hauled through one of the major, major goals for the summer, I'm a little bit lost as to what needs to be done next. I still think there's something wrong with this WIP, but I can't articulate the problem. Like, people love dialogue heavy things, amiright?

How I Did Last Week 

  • Continue SCENES FROM LAST NIGHT revisions. DONE. Now I just need to send it to betas. 
  • Get up at 5 AM Tuesday-Friday so I can walk to work before it gets way too hot. ACHIEVED, sort of. I woke up at 5 every day, but only walked 4 days because I carpooled with a coworker.
  • Walk every day. Nope. I only managed 5 days.
  • Beta a friend's manuscript. In progress. My revisions took too long so this isn't complete.
  • Stretch goal-->Get at least halfway through final workshop of PLANNING YOUR NOVEL. DONE. This is a massive workshop and I'm not as prepared to do the exercises in it for The SNI but I'm reading.

My Goal(s) For This Week 

  • Complete the beta I started last week. 
  • Walk every day.
  • Complete reading final workshop of PLANNING YOUR NOVEL.
  • Stretch goal-->Think about the Assassin Project and the Boy Band books and formulate a rough revision plan.

Favorite Line From My Story 

"It's a low-rent clown. I hate clowns."

Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week 

The revision itself. SFLN is terrifyingly short for a contemporary YA and for some reason this book doesn't like the concepts "exposition" and "narration" at all. This was a hard won revision round. Hopefully my beta readers won't hate me when we're done.

Something I Love About My WIP

How the mimes have taken on a life of their own. In the WIP and in real life. In the WIP, they have multiplied like rabbits so now there is a mime horde. Bestie Danielle and I randomly incorporate mimes in our conversation. She even commented that a show her son watched dealt with a mime. Then there are all the YouTube videos I found on miming, and of course there's this mime meme.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!