Patience is Key

Welcome to 2016!

If you know me, you know me and resolutions aren't really friends. Probably because I don't know how to make realistic or effective resolutions. They are always like "drop three pants sizes" or "publish all the things" which is great, if I actually took circumstance into account when I make them.

This is why I'm changing the way I approach resolutions this year. I'm not creating a list. I'm not creating a goal or goals. Nope. This year I'm only focusing on one word: patience. With Hubby's health, with my writing journey, with the day job--everything. I'm the type of girl who likes to be three steps ahead all the time and when I'm not, my anxiety grows. And over 2015 my anxiety knew no bounds. If I can take a seat back and just breathe, things will fall into place.