About Alicia

Disclaimer: As I hate talking about myself, this page is under construction.This might take some time since The White One likes to interfere with my work.

I've always been a storyteller. Since I was little, I'd tell tales using dolls, drawings, or just my voice. Once I was older, I branched out into (very ill-fated and morbid) short stories until I realized I needed more pages to tell the stories I had. Now I write realistic contemporary YA and contemporary fantasy and enjoy every second of it.

I live just outside of Boston, MA with my husband, daughter, and our two cats. When I'm not at the day job or spending time with my family, I juggle writing with the other aspects of writing life. I also help run NaNoWriMo's Boston region in an unofficial capacity as part of an executive committee and in a more official capacity I'm on the Board of Directors of The Writers' Loft, a fantastic writing community that offers craft chats, workshops, and writing space. For the last two years, I've been the A/V Coordinator for NESCBWI's regional spring conference.
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