Monday, December 21, 2009

Tacky Reindeers

In continuation of last week's celebration of holiday tacky, I'd like to examine reindeer decorations. The reindeer has sort of become the new staple of holiday tackiness.

We see it on our cars.

People used to just put a wreath on the grille of their truck, but now we have the reindeer car kit. (If you click the photo, you can go and see that they are sold out for 2009, that's how popular these kits have become.)

We see our pets become them.

Even though, it's usually dogs that get suckered into wearing the holiday outfit, Lucky the Snowcat is the size of a small dog. That justifies him wearing antlers, right?

Of course, there are those light up reindeer lawn ornaments. No photo is required for those because EVERYONE knows about them. They're like a staple of Christmas.

I do have a new tacky reindeer to present. I think it will become the new holiday office chick.

I give you the light fixture reindeer. He fits in any office environment and takes no time to put together. The receptionist and I did this last week and the most complicated part was creating the antlers. (Great job, Julia!) Everything is taped on so there's no damage to the pricey desk lamp.

All that's required for an office reindeer is a pair of googlie eyes, a red pom pom nose, a square of felt, 4 pipe cleaners and tape.

So far everyone that walks past likes office reindeer. They move the lamp around so he can look in different directions and they tap his nose.

More tacky Christmas will come through the week. Stay tuned...


  1. Why do you hate the Great White Beast? What did he every do to you? Why would you EVER dress him up? That's animal abuse. ;-)

  2. Slight spelling correction: s/b "office chic."
    The Grammar/Editing Nazi :-D

    P.S. I have upgraded my tackiness with labbits. Pictures to come SOON.

  3. Erin, wait til you see him as a pumpkin. >:->

    I want to do the Official Lucky-a-Month Calendar.


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