Phantasma Learns About Protists

Or will be on today.
Subject: Upcoming events
Hello and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to keep you informed of upcoming events.  This Friday, we will be completing a lab on protists.  Live protists are on order and the children will have the opportunity to view them under the microscope.  Our S B Nature Center in school visit is scheduled for Monday, January 11th.  This coincides beautifully with the beginning of our study of vertebrate animals.

There will be a quiz on Friday, January 15th covering classification and invertebrate animals.

Warm regards, B. Fisher
I had no idea what Beth was talking about in regards to protists so I had to look it up. But now I'm powered with a little more biological knowledge. (It also turns out that I had looked at these little buggers under a microscope once upon a time.)

I hope that Phantasma doesn't get Tessa Wolstein as her lab partner. The odds of a fight happening between the two are pretty high. But I told her to just ignore Tessa basically because I don't want to deal with Tara and her perkiness and frownie faces to boot.

Since Phantasma is a little squeamish on wriggly things I hope she does okay in today's lab (and that Tessa still isn't her partner). I'm sure all we will be hearing this weekend is that both Hubby and I are killing microscopic things, but at least she's learning. And I'm learning too.