Friday, February 19, 2010

Goal Update

Six weeks ago, I publicly announced my goals. For my 100th (yep, I was surprised too) post, it's update time.

Goal 1: Complete the most recent FALLING TO NORMAL revision before conference time.
Status: I've thought about revising. The manuscript has notes all over it. I have a better chart. And cards. Just not the brain power. Whenever it comes to sit and buckle down, there is something more pressing that needs tending: cat cuddling, craft projects sitting, sleeping.

The first 25 pages had been redone last month for some critique sessions. I have that feedback now though, so there is no reason not to start. Tonight. I will start tonight.

Goal 2: Keep up with the blogging.
Status: This is the 100th entry. Some days are harder to blog than others. Please send suggestions/comments/questions to help me keep up my 5 day a week pace.

Goal 3: To drop at least 1 pants size.

Goal 4: Clean the little box on a more frequent basis.
Status: Litter box needs to be cleaned. Last change was the weekend I think.

How are your goals coming along?


  1. Out of curiousity, how do you balance your blog and writing goals? I find that they often compete for my time

  2. Hi Livia. That's a great question.

    I blog during the work week when I should take a break from the computer. My writing time after 5 PM is for my WIP or for critiquing other people's writing.

  3. My prediction of fall out boy breaking up came true!

    My blogging for Something Else to Distract Me was put on hold while I update Project Nice every day.

    Alicia's Critiquing time just doubled since I sent her my Work in Progress as well. She's a rock star and doesn't get enough credit!

  4. Oh my... well, I had a goal to move within six months. Haven't moved, obviously-- but! I have a lot more money saved up so it is just a matter of time.

    Finding a better job is dependent on the moving.

    Learn to skate better and join a roller derby team-- kind of depending on the moving to Chicago, but I am going roller skating/laser tagging in about a couple of weeks, so I'm working at it! :D

  5. Miranda - Your goals are moving along much nicer than mine. Maybe I should kick it up a notch.

    Erinn - was the prediction about Fall Out Boy a goal? If it was, that's pretty funny. And Project Nice seems to be going well. Good for you!


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