Week in Review

I just love this, don't you?

Just an inch past 30 days since my last week in review, we're doing another one. Sad to say, I did have an awesome post lined up, but work being work exploded and made a very sticky, nasty mess all over my workspace. So without anymore bullshit...

Alicia's Week in Review 

Hubby left on Monday morning for a not fun-filled week worth of business trips. Since Hubby snuck his luggage out of the house when it was kitty-cat nap time, it took Lucky longer to realize that he was down one human. When he did realize it, that meant that I had to deal with a grieving cat.

Monday also saw me scrambling around the office to get an RFP out. I won't go into too much detail, but it ended with me leaving after almost 11 hours of work and my boss showing up to the UPS warehouse to drop off our package.

RFP Hell took up the majority of my week, the culmination was today with the bonus RFP.

By 9 this morning, I clocked my forty hours of work. I'm not salary, nor do I get overtime. I'm hoping for a well-deserved day off or three in my future. My near future.

What started out to be a promising rewrite/revision process on FALLING TO NORMAL, turned the opposite once I hit Chapter 2. This could be from the suckiness of the week, or the crapiness of the chapter. The amount of editing that was completed at the time of this entry? One page.

On the upside, I have snickered my way to Season 5 of Highlander.