Dear-Editor Contest

In case you haven't been paying attention, I write. Shocking, yes, but true. I write with the intent of getting published and will make that goal reality.

But this isn't an entry about goals. I've already done one of those. This is another one of those I've-entered-a-contest-and-really-want-to-win entries.

The deal
There's a website called Dear Editor. Writers can send in questions about craft or the publishing industry that will get answered. How awesome.

The contest
Dear Editor's only been around for a month. To celebrate, the editor is giving away a free manuscript edit to anyone who writes middle grade or young adult.

This is a huge deal. An in-dept line edit generally starts at 1 - 2 cents a word, which can cost over $1000 for an edit. But this also includes information on plot and characters and other things that make a book what it is. That I think becomes an hourly service. I know some places charge $65 and hour for that.

To enter, all you have to do is send an email. Then there are a few other ways to get extra chances. Because I'm a contest whore, I've done them all.

So cross your toes, fingers, and anything else because I'd really like to win this prize.

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