Goal Update April Edition

I can't believe we've hit the halfway mark with April. I mean, didn't I just turn the calendar? (Actually, I did. Last week.)

It's getting closer to June - my goal date. I'm starting to think I won't succeed.

Goal 1: Complete the most recent FALLING TO NORMAL revision before conference time.
Status: Conference time for me is May 1st. I'm long-handing my draft because the siren song of Bejeweled Blitz still calls. I'm somewhere in the middle and moving things around the way The White One bats at a penny. A lot of energy drinks will need consumption to get everything in gear.

Only I'm starting to lose steam and need to do something fun. Date night tonight and friend visiting this weekend should help with this problem. (I hope.)

Goal 2: Keep up with the blogging.
Status: I am. Some days are harder than others and I Jim over Dystel & Goderich blogged about having blogger's block. He didn't have any ways to combat it - just asked for questions in the comments, which is great for him being a literary agent and all. I don't have that.

So, again, I ask you for suggestions on upcoming entries. What should I cover?

Goal 3: To drop at least 1 pants size.
Status: Well, it was Easter. And PMS. If I went to the gym, I'd be better at this. Hubby's already dropped a pants size. Grr.

Goal 4: Clean the little box on a more frequent basis.
Status: Litter box needs to be cleaned.

How are your goals going?

Last.fm hit of the day: Dellamort Dellamo by Horror Story