Even More Shoes

I've made a call for shoes, and people are answering. Diedra (M.M. Misfit in comments) sent me a shot of her shoes.

She writes: "Mostly summer shoes - and yes, a few of the pockets contain two pairs. Not so bad, right?"

Definitely not bad. I'm noticing an alarming number of orange shoes. For me, that would mean more than one pair. But I know Diedra and am not surprised that she has them. She can get away with them too.

For these orange wonders, I'll recap the story she originally posted in the Shoe Love post.

"So I got lost on my way to buy dog food and ended up in Nordstrom Rack. (I now know the exact location of the 8th wonder of the world.) The shoe department LITERALLY took my breath away. I had to stop in one of the aisles and calm myself. Even made a friend in shoe heaven. He better cough up that employee discount the next time I stalk, I mean see him. And after telling myself last weekend that I need to cut it out with the orange clothes, I bought these. Don't even get me started on the clothes.

"And the flats are patent leather peep toes and comfortable as all hell. I just want to eat them up. And yes, I may need a cane to wear the wedges, but I will wear them...have no doubt about that."

That I don't doubt.

What do you think of the shoe collection? Can you top it?

Last.fm hit of the day: Lament for a Toy Factory by Dr. Steel