Blog Spotlight: The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

Show me a person who doesn't love food and you're showing me an anorexic. I know, probably the worst blog opening in history, but it works for today.

If you're not a food lover, you might want to skip the rest of this entry and read about Sidney.

Chances are if you read this blog, you're either a friend, girl, writer, or a combination of the three. From what I read during the latest Road Trip Wednesday involving DUFF Kits, we all like a good smack of comfort food. The Cutting Edge of Ordinary definitely covers this.

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary is primarily a blog showcasing recipes that Lisa has tried. She intersperses these with photos she's taken and stories of her life. But the food, especially desserts... Food smut is the best description. I mean, seriously. Look at the brownies. (Yep, she took the picture too.)

Brownies on steroids, courtesy of The Cutting Edge of Ordinary.
Brownies. Seriously.

Lisa take great stills of her garden, family, and places she's been. She has a great eye.

With her recipes, she includes what her family/ friends/ test subjects think about the food. She includes her thoughts as well. And if you need a recipe containing

Then you should definitely add her blog to your reader.

Have a great weekend.

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